The Hinda Institute has provided staggering results in the realm of recidivism. Our pervasive, holistic and personal approach is responsible for our recidivism rate of 10% compared to a national recidivism baseline rate of over 75%. and a rate of 53% in Cook County. 

Research has shown that the best programs begin during incarceration and extend throughout the release and reintegration process. Recidivism rates (RR) are lowered with faith based association (RR 40%), relationships building (RR 30%), mentoring (RR 9.8%) (Source: Department of Justice) and education (National Research Council).

recidivism.jpgThe concept is simple: when people reach out with true kindness and caring to other people and follow through on their commitments, a tremendous change can be seen in the lives of people that society has forsaken. This has resulted improvement in the lives of hundreds of families in Illinois and tremendous savings to the State of Illinois.



Fact sheet on Recidivism