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Central Division - Rabbi Chaim and Chaya Mushka Scheiman

Rabbi Chaim visits Cook County jail weekly as well visiting the Metropolitan Correctional Institute as well as the Juvenile temporary detention center.  Chaya Mushka contacts women and families to offer support.


Southern Division - Rabbi Mendel Scheiman


Rabbi Mendel visits 15 institutions in Southern Illinois. He also directs Chabad of SIU.


Northern Division - Rabbi Schneur and Esther Scheiman


Rabbi Schneur visits 12 facilities in the northern part of the state. In addition, he is also the director for Camp Gan Israel Chicago.




Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Baila Grinker

Baila manages the library program, our database, tax receipts and administrative tasks.


Volunteer Programming - Abigail Rabinowitz / Scheiman - Abigail organizes educational programming and other support programs.

Consultant- Mr. Yakov Weingrow

 Yakov Weingrow is an attorney and consultant, who holds a J.D. and an MBA. He has over 30 years of experience establishing and guiding businesses and non-profit organizations.