Hinda Institute clients consist mainly of Jewish inmates, ex-offenders and their families who have been involved with federal, state or county level prisons and jails in the state of Illinois. 

  • We service about 150 clients in the prison systems every month; every client is visited at least once or more.
  • We also support about 200 ex-offenders on reentry.  Because we maintain connection with the population throughout their lifespan since 1980, our population is growing.
  • We also service the families and children of our clients; about 300 clients per month.


While the Hinda Institute deals with smaller more marginalized populations, it is a critical population because there are tremendous impacts to our work. When a person is incarcerated, an additional 8 to 10 people are affected. Furthermore, incarceration has a large impact not only on families but on society.

Our population includes the following large subpopulations.

Mentally Ill

About 30% of our offender or ex-offender population are psychologically challenged. Care of the mentally has been a growing problem in many areas of the country. Sadly, due to lack of mental health facilities due to cuts in Federal funding, many people requiring mental health care are channeled into the correctional system-most for petty offenses. The Hinda Institute focuses on this demographic and assists the mentally ill in getting appropriate care.


About 30% of our offender or ex-offender population have addiction issues. The Hinda Institute maintains close contact with them and refers them to resources where needed.