•  Guide created by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) titled Reentering Your Community - A Handbook: https://oes.gsa.gov/assets/abstracts/1619-reentry-handbook.pdf  
  • Mapping Your Future: A Guide to Successful Reentry online at https://reentryillinois.net/#/?step=1. The website also serves as a Reentry Resource Directory for you to search for specific resources in your area. Here is the link to the online downloadable version: https://www.fairshake.net/process/index.php/download/reentry_directories/354
  • Illinois reentry guide the online link: http://www.educationjustice.net/home/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Re-entry-Guide2015_2016_Updated-May-2016_FINAL_nocrops.pdf

Information & Referrals

·         Every state has an emergency system you can call for assistance. Many of them also provide an online directory of resources and sometimes they have a tab specifically for reentry. The phone number is 211. https://www.illinois211.org/

·         Positive Transitioning also has a 24/7 resource and listening line. Call them at 1-844-93R-ENTR. Website: https://positivetransitioning.org/

 ·         Sex Offender Resource (Website: http://www.sexoffenderresource.com/) and Sex Offender One-Stop Resource (Website: http://sexoffenderonestopresource.com/) both list national and state sex offender resources for counseling, registration laws, legal services, housing and more.