List of Free Legal Centers


  1. Carpls Free Legal Intake 1(312) 527- 4684
  1. Bluhm Legal Clinic, Center for Criminal Defense, 375 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611, (312) 503-8576 (Northwestern Criminal Defense Clinic, adult felony or misdemeanor cases in the Chicago, no drug cases)
  1. Law Office of Chicago-Kent, 565 West Adams Street, Suite 600, Chicago, IL  60661, (312) 906-5050 (Kent Criminal Defense Litigation Clinic, takes all felonies, including Murder and Sexually Violent Persons. Will accept sex cases)
  1. Lawndale Christian Legal Center, 1530 S Hamlin Ave, Chicago, IL 60623, (773) 762-6381 (youth and adults, 24 years of age or younger, from North Lawndale, accused of crime)
  1. James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy, 1123 Emerson, Suite 203, Evanston, IL 60201, (847) 492-1410 (legal services for Evanston residents, 21 or younger)
  1. Equal Justice Initiative, (334) 269- 1803 122 Commerce St., Montgomery AL 36104
  1. Uptown Peoples Lawyers Law center, (773) 769- 1411, 4413 N. Sheridan, Chicago, ILL
  1. Rogers Baldwin Foundation of ACLU, (312) 201- 9760, 180 North Michigan Avenue suite 2300, Chicago ILL. 60601-1287


Understanding the Issue
●        Many of our clients can't afford bail. An accused person can stay in jail for years until their case is resolved.
●        Many plead guilty because they want to get out of jail. If you are out on bail, you are less likely to plead guilty.
●        Many of our clients can't afford to pay for lawyers and have to use public defenders. Public Defenders are often overwhelmed with cases.
●        Many times our clients are advised that it is in their interest to broker a deal and plead guilty to avoid facing more time even if they feel they are innocent.