With 3 locations throughout Illinois, the Hinda Institute is the Jewish chaplaincy program for the Illinois correctional system at the State, County and Federal level. We support families and assist Jews who are alone in the abyss of prison to become productive members of society -Jews that have often been virtually forgotten or ostracized.

  Help us make sure that no one in our community is alone or forgotten regardless of circumstance.



Hinda Hero 


 Dear Rabbi,

You and your family gave me hope (for close to 40 years) and provided much needed services so that I can keep and practice my Jewish faith which despite the conditions on the inside provided comfort and made the time more bearable. That half hour a month from an outsider's perspective may seem like nothing, but to someone with time left to do, it's a monthly reminder that someone cares, that you are part of the Jewish community and that there is hope. From a personal experience, sometimes in there you honestly just need a reminder that you are still a human being. To me putting on Tefillin and seeing you every month was a much needed reminder of that. I was fortunate to have loved ones on the outside to come visit once in a while- Others not so much. Once a month, no matter the distance, as long as there is 1 Jewish person in the institution, you are guaranteed a visit. There were times that I was the only Jewish person in a facility of 3500 near Kentucky which is a 7 hour drive for the rabbi. I would still be able to count on putting on Tefillin once a month as well as receiving kosher meals. Rabbi Scheiman has been doing this for close to 40 years! He has touched a lot of lives, including my own.


(name withheld)