Our Chaplains visit each and every one of our clients who are incarcerated every single month or in the case of Cook County Jail every single week. In fact, the Hinda Institute services any human being that requests our services regardless of their belief systems or denomination.  We currently visit 150 to 200 clients every month within multiple institutions traveling 45, 000 miles across Illinois. The secret to our low recidivism rate is that we form life-long connections with our clients and mentor them within the correctional institution and then during reentry.

The chaplains listen, counsel, teach, bring our newsletter or other reading material and are famous for telling the Hinda joke of the month. Most importantly, we remind people of their humanity, give them hope for the future and offer spirituality in a time of despair. We remind them that there is someone who cares and remembers them; when there often is no one else. We help them to envision a better life and the possibility of transformation.


Understanding the Issue


Most of our clients are striving to become functioning members of our society and contributors to their communities. Research has indicated that faith based association, strong relationships and mentoring significantly reduces recidivism rates.  We provide these elements both during and post incarceration

 Hinda Hero

   I spent 14 years in prison; I have been out now for 20 years. I was in contact with Rabbi Scheiman in prison every month for 11 years. When I got out, it was just a continuation. He helped me to find housing and get services. He invited me to his home and gave me counseling at rough points in my life. He gave me emotional and spiritual encouragement. Once I was sick and injured, he showed up when no one else did. My own family did not do as much.

Hinda Hero


 Many years ago, I was at Dwight CC and my name there was J. You came to talk with me many times over the years and I am happy to be able to thank you for teaching me how to think. When you knew me,  I was confused, angry and very lost. I have made a success of my life out here over the past 7 years and have a good career, beautiful son (2 years old) and a relationship with my family; but most importantly, I have a relationship with life and the G‑d who forgave me. I pray that you and your family have been blessed with joy and health. Thank you Rabbi for believing that G‑d has put His spark in all of us, none of us is past redemption or beyond saving.