Our chaplains often with dedicated volunteers visit on all the Jewish Holidays. In essence, we provide Jews with the Holidays and community in a place where often antisemitism is rampart. We bring the light and joy of celebration into a place of tremendous darkness.

 We deliver food and holiday items.

  • On Pesach, we deliver Pesach meals and the Seder.
  • On Purim, our chaplains and volunteers read the Megillah and organize Purim parties. 
  • On Rosh Hashana, we etach Jews how to blow the shofar and provide prayerbooks. 
  • We partner to provide Lulavim and Etrogim on Sukkos. 
  • On Chanukah, we provide menorahs so that our clients can celebrate all 8 days of Chanukah. (In certain instances, we need to send someone to light once for the entire holiday.) 

   Help us by sponsoring items for the holidays.


Hinda Hero 

  I started using drugs at a young age.  Eventually, I was thrown out of High school and went to an alternative school. The bus driver at the school shared heroin with us and I got addicted at 14. At 15, I was using Methadone. I started to get arrested for stupid stuff then more serious stuff but I couldn’t stop. During this time, I had a daughter with another person who was an addict.

The Rabbi was a rock during my incarceration. I could rely on him. I was the only Jewish person in the prison and 5 hours from home. It felt good to hear about my family from him. He helped me celebrate the Jewish holidays, put on tefillin, get kosher meals and connect with G‑d.

I got clean for a lot of reasons; for myself but also mainly for my daughter. I wanted to give my daughter a good life. I wanted to make my parents proud. It took me 20 years to figure it all out. I am clean now for 5 years, found a good job and my daughter is doing good; she is really congenial, despite it all. Hinda Institute tutors her on Aleph Beis and Holidays. My parents take her to visit. We also go sometimes for the shabbat and holidays to the Scheimans. Hinda made a difference for me and my daughter.