ResourcesThe Hinda Institute has volunteers which write letters to our clients within institutions to help ease their isolation. We have also initiated sending emails to selected clients with weekly thoughts and inspirations. All correspondence is done anonymously though the Hinda Institute.

Click  here for a list of Do's and Don'ts of inmate pen-pals. For further information please contact Beth or  Abby.   

Hinda Hero

  Text from Volunteer

Like almost everyone I have always wanted to do something to make other people’s lives brighter. I always wanted to be of service to those most people have forgotten.

If you are interested in volunteer work where you know you are being effective, writing to prison inmates should be high on your list. Your inmate friend will tell you over & over how much they appreciate your caring and concern. 

For “my guys” I’m a little bit friend, little bit grandma, little bit secretary. All in all, this journey has been rewarding for everyone concerned.

From PB