The Hinda Institute has created a consultation team of legal experts to better help our clients and their families navigate their court trials and legal system.Our clients and families often also need legal assistance with unique issues during their re-entry into their communities.

 Hinda Hero 

 My son is currently fighting a court-case in Cook County jail. Chaplains from the Hinda Institute visit my son every week. Their help was completely unsolicited and they gave us real support.

They helped me to find a lawyer for his defense and support me each time I am in the courtroom and have formed a defense support team. They even helped me secure a rehabilitation facility as our justice system lumbers on.

As we await justice, I’m most thankful for the Hinda Institute.  



 Rabbi Scheiman and the Hinda Institute have been a major support for me for over 20 years. Upon my release from prison, from housing to employment, from wedding and life events, Hinda was there. When I am happy, Rabbi Scheiman has probably played a part in it!!!! 

When I needed advice and legal assistance, Rabbi Scheiman and the Hinda Institute were instrumenting in acquiring legal counsel. Recently, I became the target of anti-semitic harassment which was further complicated by intolerance due to my record. This culminated in a vicious attack; after being weakened by repeated blows with heavy objects, the ceiling collapsed on me and I had to be rushed to the hospital. I felt that I reached the end of my line. Hinda helped me find an attorney to represent me in court and help me obtain an order of protection. There was never a moment that I Haven't felt support, guidance and concern from Rabbi Scheiman and the Hinda Institute. Yasher Koach!!!!!