The Hinda Institute stays in touch with all of our clients on their release from correctional institutions and keeps in touch with them for the rest of their lives.  Our holistic approach includes:

·         ♦ support, counseling and rehabilitation services

·         ♦ visitation

·         ♦ advocacy

·         ♦ holiday services

·         ♦ educational programs

·         ♦ financial assistance

·        ♦ support for children and spouses.

 Our human and holistic approach is responsible for our miraculous recidivism rate.


Help us make society safer for everyone by helping others turn their lives around and become the kind of ethical, and productive human beings they were meant to be .



Hinda Hero 

 Rabbi Scheiman did a great deal for me at my darkest hour, when I had the least amount of faith in humanity. While I was still in University, a horrible mis-justice had been dealt to me in a criminal case and I had to spend 4 years out of a 10 year sentence in a correctional institution. My family did not have the money to pay for a lawyer and there were tremendous political pressures surrounding the case.  Rabbi Scheiman not only put me in touch with my Jewish heritage and made sure I was able to observe holidays, but offered me tons of support. That support continued upon my reentry, once my case had been overturned in an appeals court.

It was hard to find a job when I was released, although the Hinda Institute tried to help. Finally, I started my own successful business. I try to give back to the Hinda Institute by employing others reentering society.

Since then, I have never lost touch with Rabbi Scheiman. He ministered my daughter’s naming ceremony. When I bought my family’s first house, the Rabbi was there to bless the house and leave a beautiful Mezuzah in our doorway. I’m blessed to say that Rabbi Scheiman has become a permanent fixture in our lives.