Individual Study Reentry is very difficult psychologically and practically for our clients. Our clients know that the Hinda Institute provides nonjudgemental support when needed; we do not attach any stigma to our clients past or have preconceived notions about their potential in the future. 


 We take a very human approach and deal with each client as an individual on a case by case basis.  Furthermore, we help them deal with the huge fear of reentry while still incarcerated and counsel them before and during reentry and then support them as they continue to rebuild their lives. We call our clients every week and encourage them continually as they re-enter their communities and become productive members of society.  

 Our clients are sometimes misunderstood or not serviced in other social support agencies.  Many places do not want to deal with felons or certain types of crime. We help our clients with personal referrals or accompany them to visits as needed.


  Our clients  deal with issues of racism and stereotyping and need legal or other support as they transition into society. The Hinda Institute assists them with legal counselling and advocacy. 


Understanding the Issue

 The stigma of felony convictions and incarceration follows people long after their “debt to society” has been paid.

Ø  They face incredible  hardship and discrimination as they try to rebuild their lives and stay out of  the criminal justice system.

Ø   A felony conviction can severely limit and prevent a person’s ability to find housing, employment, to receive student loans or aid from social welfare programs.

Ø   Many states deny felons the right to vote.