AboutHousing, is an important element  of successful reentry. It helps sustain steady employment and is basic to human well being. Our clients have tremendous challenges finding housing. We sometimes work with a Realtor service to help clients found housing or we refer them to temporary housing solutions.

Understanding the Issue

Ø  Landlords can refuse to rent to former felons. They can conduct background checks to verify potential renter's records.

Ø  People applying for housing are rejected over and over again. Some give up or can not pay rental application fees.

Ø  Many of former felons who found housing couldn't live independently or were forced to live in neighborhoods which were unsafe and had poor living conditions. Some types of crimes restrict housing possibilities even further.

Ø  Rental discrimination based on criminal background impacted participants regardless of their age or the age of their record.

Ø  By discriminating against individuals with criminal records, social inequities are reproduced

 This study was approved by the Roosevelt University Institutional Review Board: IRB No. 2018-028.