Families are deeply affected by an incarceration. This includes shame, social stigma, loss of financial support and tremendous strain on the family structure. In particular, children are affected when a parent is incarcerated. Our clients know that the Hinda Institute is a place where people care and where they can get support, no matter what the situation. We support families and children throughout the entire process. 


Help us break this cycle for children and families with counseling, sincere, personal interaction, and scholarships.


 Hinda Heroes

   Struggle of a Mother 

I was married to X for about 25 years and we had 5 children together.  My husband had lost his job earlier that year but we seemed to be managing. My husband was doing part-time work. Much to my shock, my husband was accused of a crime and he went to Jail. 
I couldn’t pay his bail and the Hinda Institute stepped in without any questions.  I was so touched it brought me to tears. This made a big difference because I was scared for my husband's safety in jail. In hindsight, it also gave the younger children a few more years together with their father. 
In the end, he was in fact convicted. I felt ostracized from my place of worship and embarrassed to go there.  I lost many friends. Even my kids were looked down upon in school. I didn't have a job and we were thrown into poverty. It was also hard managing the kids who were either sad, depressed, or angry depending on their age. Furthermore, my husband was severely depressed. The Hinda Institute called me every week; it was great to have someone to talk to who didn’t judge me. 
The Hinda Institute sent me money monthly while I found a low paying job. They helped my oldest son find a job as well. They found me a better paying job and encouraged me to go back to school. In the end, I decided to divorce my husband and the Hinda institute helped organize a GET for me.  While we are still struggling and rebuilding our lives as a family; I am grateful for the help of the Hinda Institute.