Children are deeply affected when a parent is incarcerated. We provide parenting workshops, trips, tutoring, free camp scholarships and organize counseling services for these children.  The quality of the child and family's social support system play significant roles in the child's ability to overcome challenges and succeed in life. We try to ensure a safety net for the children along with successful re-entry for the incarcerated parent.



Understanding the Issue - Effects on Children

  • The immediate effects of incarceration on children and the loss of a parent can include feelings of shame, social stigma, loss of financial support, weakened ties to the parent, poor school performance and increased risk of neglect (Travis, McBride, and Solomon, 2005).
  • These affects persist both during and post-incarceration. The children have more difficulty in school as a result and experience pain and hardship (Braun 2004). The same study reported that children were treated differently by other children (58%).  Friendships were impacted (78%).  The children were treated differently by other adults such as teachers (63%); stigmatized (71%); and they experienced harassment (47%), ridicule (59%), teasing (52%), physical fights (22%), left out (65%), depression (77%), anxiety (73%), anger (80%), fear (63%) and suicidal tendencies (13%). 
  • Besides the immediate effects, children who do not receive helpful interventions are statistically more likely to get into trouble with law.



Hinda Hero 



 “I got clean for a lot of reasons; for myself but also mainly for my daughter. I wanted to give my daughter a good life. I wanted to make my parents proud. It took me 20 years to figure it all out. I am clean now for 5 years, found a good job and my daughter is doing good; she is really congenial, despite it all. The Hinda Institute tutors her on Aleph Beis and Holidays. My parents take her to visit. We also go sometimes for the shabbat and holidays to the Scheimans. Hinda made a difference for me and my daughter.”