Rosh Chodesh Society

The Hinda Institute has initiated a women's peer support group because women know that there is strength and power in collaboration. The group is working to organize provide encouragement for each other as well as educate those new to the system and the community.
Currently we are organizing education sessions and a documentary video to sensitize the community on the plight of families with a family member or loved one who is incarcerated in order to reduce stigma. 
Objectives of Sessions
  • To bring a voice to the silent victims of incarceration.
  • To sensitize the community to the ostracism, financial and emotional hardships experienced by families of offenders
  • To create a safe nonjudgmental atmosphere to dialogue and reach out to other members in the community who may have affected by the criminal justice system

Please help us by hosting a session in your community.

For further information please contact Ms. Vickie Block or Abby, coordinators.


Understanding the Issue

When a person commits a crime, there are multiple victims who suffer. All families suffer when someone in a family does a crime and often they also become ostracized from the community. These families, spouses and children of the perpetrator are often innocent, ignorant of the crime, or even have been directly abused. 

  •   Support systems in the community may be falling short due to censure.
  • Spouses and families become victimized over and over again even though they didn’t do the crime - often for their whole lives. This includes losing their livelihood, being evicted from schools and social organizations and being forced to move out of their communities.
  • Often the family has to also deal with the perpetrator’s mental health issues, financial support and housing. While the level of the crime can vary, the family will receive a life long sentence and often suffer life long shame.