From Victim To Survivor To Offender- Where Is Justice

Introduction to Sessions 

Reading and Writing Tools for students

Reading and Writing Rubric  for tutors

Top 10 Tips for Reading and Writing 

Reading Troubleshooting Guide part 1  for tutors

Reading Troubleshooting Guide part 2  for tutors

Post Incarceration: How to get into college

 Session 1 Law, Morality and Justice



 Session 2 Victims and Offenders



 Session 3 Mothers in Prison



Article "Mothers and Children in Prison"

Article "Narrating mother identity from prison"


 Session 4 Post Incarceration Challenges and Successes



 Session 5 Culture, Race and the Streets


Article "Code of the Streets"

Article "Deciding to Commit an Armed Robbery"


 Session 6 Police Culture and Justice




 Final Assignment 


For your final assignment to pass this class, you will need to:

1.      Choose the best essay you have written so far or write a new essay. Edit it so that you have a final version.

2.      Meet your tutor, correct homework and writing assignments. Create an outline for your final writing assignment

3.      Hand it in next session.

4.      Prepare a 3-minute presentation alone or with a friend explaining your essay topic.

5.      Optional: You can also create a skit or tell a story illustrating the viewpoint of your essay.

6.      You will be presenting in one of the last two sessions.

The best assignments will be included in a booklet which will be distributed publicly.