How many courses can I take? 

You can take one or as many courses as you  want.

Do I need to complete the initial interview and register for the program? 

You are required to first register for the Razing Barriers Razing Bars program. An assessment interview will be scheduled with you so as to assist you in deciding which classroom sessions(s) to attend, caseworker assignment, and mentor or tutor assignment. In the assessment interview, you will complete a learning plan and discuss what your strategic interests and goals are. 

How do I get a course certificate? 

Upon completion of your chosen course, a short quiz, and a course evaluation you will be awarded a certificate. 

What advantages are there in completing the entire program?  

To complete the entire Program, you will need to take and pass at least two of the fundamental courses and one of the technical courses. Anyone who completes the Program and passes the pre-assessment process will get a letter of recommendation from the Hinda institute, vouching to their capability. We will approach employers vigorously to support you.


What are additional benefits of the program? 

There are additional benefits to the program for participants:

●       Free usage of online tutorials during and post-course.

●       Free computer access to the Internet and Software.

●       A mentor and Tutor/Coach.

●       A caseworker.

●       Professional advice from experts in the field.

●       Counseling and support.

How can I get a computer? 

Please email us at [email protected] (put word Tablet in the title of the email) once you have signed up for the Program and need a tablet / chromebook. 

How can I get the Internet? 

You can book an appointment to get WIFI from our offices. Please email us at [email protected](Put Word WIFI in the title of the email). 

Alternatively, this link takes you to a site that tells where to get free WiFi.  You can see passwords for WiFi at various sites. You can also get to Free WiFi Maps of some of the suburbs from this same site.



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WiFi Map

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