The Hinda Institute services 3 populations through multiple services and programs.


Jews detained in correctional institutions. With 3 locations throughout Illinois, the Hinda Institute is the Jewish chaplaincy program for the Illinois correctional system at the State, County and Federal level. We support families and assist Jews who are alone in the abyss of prison to become productive members of society - Jews who have often been virtually forgotten or ostracized.

Help us make sure that No One in our community is alone or forgotten regardless of circumstance.


People reentering society to rebuild their lives for good. The Hinda Institute stays in touch with all of our clients on their release from correctional institutions and keeps in touch with them for the rest of their lives. Our humanistic and holistic approach is responsible for our miraculous recidivism rate.

Help us make society safer for everyone by helping others turn their lives around and become the kind, ethical, and productive human beings they were meant to be.



Families, the innocent collateral damage of crime. We break the cycle for children and families with counseling, sincere and personal interaction, and scholarships. Families are deeply affected by incarceration. This includes shame, social stigma, loss of financial support and tremendous strain on the family structure. In particular, children are affected when a parent is incarcerated. Our clients know that the Hinda Institute is a place where people care and where they can get support, no matter what the situation. We support families and children throughout the entire process. 

Help us break this cycle for children and families with counseling, sincere, personal interaction, and scholarships.