The Hinda Institute is currently piloting an Educational program within selected correctional Institutions.

The goal of the program is to help our clients:

  • Develop literacy; reading and writing skills
  • Envision the potential of higher education 
  • Develop socially, ethically and emotionally; and finally
  • Transition to the community.

The courses use a blended approach using self-study materials sent by mail, student mentors from universities, classes and other types of learning such as MP3 players (internet is not permitted).  

The courses will include exercises developed by special education experts to encourage literacy skills and motivate individuals who may have difficulty with reading and writing. All courses will also involve extensive opportunities for reflection and discussion.

Help us by volunteering to tutor. This work may be counted toward legal volunteer hours.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, please consider donating towards books, workbooks or textbooks, please contact Abby for more information. 





This program is sponsored by the Walder Institute in honor of Daniel Azari.