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Keynote Speaker:

Mrs. Leah Rubashkin - The Triumph of Trust


Date: Sunday, May 15th at 1:30 PM

Location: Ateres Ayala, 3412 W. Touhy, Skokie


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Compassionate Hinda Supporter of the Year

A visionary, broad-minded philanthropist who personifies leadership and compassion

We will be also honoring:
  Abigail Scheiman with our Hinda Honoree of the Year Award, given to an individual who has expanded the depth and vision of the Hinda Institute, giving courage and impacting the lives of Hinda clients and their families.

  Pamela Keane with our Hinda Heroine Award given to a client who embodies successful
second chances and a spirit of giving, despite facing insurmountable challenges

 Arlene Anderson with our Evan Maling Mother of the Year Award given to a mother who displays unconditional love, devotion and tenacity in the face of great adversity

 Beth Palzet with our Volunteer of the Year Award given to a volunteer who makes a difference through her deep passion and sincere commitment

  Hindy Scheiman a"h, marking her 9th yarhtzeit, for whom this worthy organization receives its name