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Families: The Collateral Damage of Crime 


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Most incarcerated people are men and leave behind wives, mothers, and children. These families are the innocent forgotten victims or “collateral damage” of crime. These women struggle with psychological issues, financial stress, and also prejudice because of a loved one’s incarceration.

These families are located throughout our Jewish community. The "Hinda Cares" group gives emotional, financial, and psychological help to families (mostly women and children) of incarcerated relatives. Partnering with a professional team of filmmakers we created a documentary that poignantly tells the stories of the ostracization of families in our community because of a loved one or family member's incarceration.

The goal is to bring this film, along with presenters, to synagogues and other groups in an effort to create sensitivity and support. It's true - but hard to believe that these women and children are shunned through no fault of their own.  We have the stories. We have heard the pain.


Please join us for an enlightening and informative presentation sponsored by:

CARES Program of the Hinda Institute.


  • We will be delivering a book, package, and goodies if addresses are provided 1 week in advance. 

  • There will be no charge for the presentations to attendees. 


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Presentation to Chicago Hope Sept. 8, 2023 











The group was incredibly compassionate and very knowledgeable.

We look forward to further connections.