Our Mandate

The Hinda Institute provides counseling, visitation and support  predominantly to Jews who encounter the criminal justice system, formerly incarcerated, spouses, parents and children in order to lower recidivism rates and ensure that those coming out of prison do not return.

We offer assistance with job placement, housing, training, social support, therapy and spiritual guidance.



Support For Families And Children

Families are deeply affected by incarceration. We counsel the family and children and help them cope. 


We believe in restorative justice and empower victims in their recovery process. 

  • Counseling and peer support


Programs Within Correctional Institutions

We are the Jewish prison chaplains for Illinois.

Visitation every month to every inmate in every prison at the county, state and federal level as well many prisons throughout Illinois.






For a list of serviced institutions, please  click here.





Support During Reentry and Transition

The HINDA Institute is the only organization which follows clients from prison to the end of life.  Our integrative approach to prison reform keeps our clients out of prison.

  • We employ caseworkers/social workers and refer to licensed psychologists (as necessary) 
  • Assistance with job placement (83% of our clients find jobs. Most are employed in one year. Job retention rate of 91%.)
  • Financial and housing assistance
  • Counseling services – Non-judgmental support, mental Health, addiction challenges (over 270 calls or visits/month)
  • Reentry Education Courses – courses offered every month
  • Holiday events and Shabbat meals
  • Food delivery program for the holidays