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Show Your Gratefulness to the Hinda Institute

This Is Your Chance!

Gratitude can be felt on all levels.

For the recovering addict, it means being grateful for yet another day they or their loved one triumphs in their battle against addiction.

For the school dropout, it means being grateful for their second chance in receiving an education.

For the inmate, it means being grateful for being visited by a rabbi every month, to not be forgotten.

For the single parent, it means being grateful for that timely check, that enables them to buy school supplies for their children.

For the owner of a criminal record, it means being grateful for the assistance in finding a good job.

For the estranged parent, it means being grateful to finally have guided contact again with their beloved child.

What are you grateful for?

HINDA Institute Rabbis listen, counsel, inspire, teach, share and help spouses, parents, children, inmates, and ex-offenders, offering healing to the individual, the family, the community and society, with material, spiritual, educational, and social support.

The vast majority of those who stay in touch with a HINDA rabbi stay out of the criminal justice system for good. Compare that to a national 70% recidivism rate, and you’ll see the sense in helping HINDA’s effective and valuable work.

Our brothers and sisters behind bars NEED YOUR HELP!

Start off your year-end giving right and be a part of HINDA’s life-changing work!

How does this campaign work?

Every donation you give is QUADRUPLED! For every dollar you give, The HINDA Institute will get $4. Every dollar will be matched by our team of generous benefactors, to help us reach our goal of $100,000!

Your support will allow us to continue our vital work.

And for that, we are grateful to you.


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