Return, Redemption & Restoration with Rabbi Manis Friedman


Teshuva with Rabbi Manis Friedman


Podcast with David


Crime & Consequence "Moving Forward: Reacceptance and the Criminal Background Check"- 7/19/2023


Crime & Consequence " Clean Slate: How Do Criminals Make Amends?"  - 7/12/2023


Crime & Consequence- July 5th, 2023- Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue: Standards of Evidence in the Talmud


Crime & Consequence- June 28th, 2023- "Lock and Key: What's the Point of Prison?


Let's Break the Cycle - Event: Decriminalizing Mental Health


Let's Break the Cycle- Hinda Institute Podcast #1



Legal Issues: Breaking Barriers for the Newly Released Session 3 (3/22/2023)


"No Shame On U" Podcast: Mental Health & Incarceration. A conversation with the Hinda Institute - March 24, 2023


Legal Issues: Breaking Barriers for the Newly Released Session 2 (3/15/2023)


Legal Issues: Breaking Barriers for the Newly Released Session 1 (3/8/2023)

Alan Mills and David Grosky provide information about parole, probation, mental health and the law, sentencing/parole/probation mitigation, and civil rights litigation issues (including registered citizens).


Non-Profit Corrections

A Warden Ex-Marine's Recipe for creating a sustainable model that truly reduces the rates of incarceration and recidivism


"enolA" - a Statistical Detective Story that can prevent Suicide deaths in Prison and Beyond with Doctor Lucas Malishchak-

Dr. Lucas D. Malishchak is the Director of the Psychology Office within the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.  In this role, Lucas and his team are responsible for oversight of the mental health care system which supports Pennsylvania's 24 state correctional institutions and more than 39,000 incarcerated individuals.  


“I Just Held her Arm” -

The Exoneration of two developmentally disabled brothers who Served 31 years for another person’s horrible crime with capital defense attorney Marshall Dayan.





"Whatever you do for me but without me, you do against me" -

The Tyranny of Vaguely Written Laws and Regulations


Being Defined Forever by Your Crime -

The Problem with Parole Boards


Crick and Watson's Purgatory Highway - 

Should DNA Evidence be used to overturn all not guilty verdicts?


With Killer Covid Over...Let's Bring Back Rover

The Importance of Restarting Canine Programs in Prison


The Handcuffing of Clergy Staff from Interacting with Freed Prisoners


The Tragedy of the Sheldon Silver Case

A Discussion with Alan Dershowitz, Nat Lewin, and Dennis Rapps


Recipe for Restoration-Baked Alaska Chulent - 

Interviewing Judge David Avraham Voluck who blends life and law as a tribal court judge and an Orthodox Jew


"Nolle Prosequi"-The Angel of Last Resort

Rachmiel Drizin-Post Conviction Public Defender


Blue Winter

Problems with the Kim Potter Manslaughter Verdict


Being Counted Like Gold

Locked Up in the Family Way


A Soul Can Never Be Imprisoned

Talking to Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin


Copying from the Tabernacle

Does the Mormon lifestyle hold the answers to our incarceration problems?


Vision Quest: From Line Chef to Lanape Chief

Interviewing Chief Gentlemoon Maurice Demond


Getting Tangled in the Expanding Net

Charging the Parents of Ethan Crumbley


Fighting for the Fire

Struggling to Establish Chanukah Observance in Prisons


Annual Campaign Video Nov.19,2021


Fairness for Squanto's Children

A Thanksgiving Wish that Might Come True


Ritt Large and Loud-Can Kyle Rittenhouse Receive Dispassionate Justice?

Two Criminal Defense Experts Offer their Take


All is God's Place-An interview with Rabbi Hank Sheinkopf

Reform through Blue Collar Empowerment in these Didactic States of America


Golden Years Behind Iron Bars-

Commensurate Sentencing for the Elderly and Infirm - Podcast on November 2, 2021


Can a Charedi Jew experience an impartial judicial process and a prison stay without harassment?

Podcast on October 26, 2021


The Tzedek Association-

Rabbis changing laws-one bill at a time


From the casebook of Bob Goodman -The noblest Public Defender

Tale of the Terrorized Stepmother/Saga of Salvation through the Cell Phone


Judges-Getting nearer to the Biblical Recipe -

"Choose from the people capable men, God-fearing , men of truth, those who hate bribes, and appoint Them!"


Immured with Music -

Soothing the Savage Breast and saving the Immortal Soul


"An Officer is always in peril"-

Talking to an Iron Mike-Thirty-One Years as a Corrections Officer in one of the Country's Most Dangerous Jails


Applying Yom Kippur Principles-

The Dream of Restorative Justice


Podcast Sidebar with the Counselors-

A Public Defender and Private Attorney discuss their crafts on August 24, 2021


Death Sentences for All-

The Horror of Health Care Behind Bars


Hands extended outward and on the Steering Wheel-

Building Bridges in the African-American Community and Questioning the Constitutionality of the Traffic Stop 


Pragmatic Proposals for Change in the Near Future-

Limits on Legal Council Fees-Blunting the "Third Strike"-Constant Cameras on the Inside 



Unsung Champions of the desperate and dispossessed-with Rebbetzin Abigail Scheiman and Captain Daniel Sosnowik 


Fear of the Record-

Refusal to Record-As a Country and Jewish Collective-We're failing the Re-entry Challenge of those who have served time and been released


Bail Reform-

Polarized by the two extremes society at large suffers


The Inequities of Sentencing-

No Science to Follow-Helping Individuals Ascend with Rabbi Binyamin Scheiman, Abigail Rabinowitz,and Gershon Sternberg Esq


Interview with Rabbi Epstein - November 2020 


 Fleshing It Out Ep.#6 - The Prison Rabbi


Rabbi Wollenberg · #55 Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman




 Listen to Rabbi Scheiman's interview on WBEZ - Dec. 1, 2014