Hinda In Numbers

  • Servicing 150 families yearly and run a weekly support group for families.

  • Helping our clients find jobs (83% of our clients find jobs compared to 68% nationally. Most are employed within a year. Job retention rate of 91%.)

  • Providing Housing assistance (Found shelter for 21 clients under considerable challenges)

  • Food deliveries on the holidays (60 families) and financial assistance to those in crisis ($17k+)

  • The Hinda Institute has provided staggering results in the realm of recidivism. Our pervasive, holistic and personal approach is responsible for our recidivism rate of less than 10% compared to a national recidivism baseline rate of over 75%. 

  • We visit 150-200 detainees monthly throughout Illinois and visit Cook County Jail and the MCC jail weekly.

  • Since January 2021, Hinda caseworkers have provided approximately 131 active reentry clients and their families with counseling and casework.

  • Over 100 clients receive rabbinic counseling weekly.

  • The HINDA Institute’s program of mentoring inmates saves the State of Illinois hundreds of thousands of dollars in judicial and incarceration costs for repeat offenders. Incarceration of an inmate amounts to about $38,000 annually.  We estimate that we save Illinois taxpayers about $652,469 per year.









Clients comments:

“My life has completely turned around for the better. It has broadened my view on how to deal with the various challenges that I face.”

“The kindness and opportunities they (the caseworkers) give me. I'm treated like a human being. They seem to be doing it out of a true desire to help - not just a job.”

“My life has completely turned around for the better. It has broadened my view on how to deal with the various challenges that I face. I feel accepted and less lonely. I feel like I can belong again. I was feeling very depressed, isolated, & anxious."

"Hinda’s services helped me improve in all areas of my life. The amount of support I get is very valuable to my well-being. Providing a support group and employment leads have helped me see that there is a path forward and that I can be a productive and successful member of society.”

"Building relationships with parents again. Helping with probation. People that I can count on."

"I'm relieved that my caseworker is helping to find housing for my son when he gets out. It's difficult trying to coordinate with the parole agent and potential apartments. He was not able to find housing for about 2 years and was housed in jail until B found what he needed in terms of housing, very very very satisfied."

"The kindness of everyone involved!! This organization is very very good and also very very important."