Helping Individuals Ascend

For 44 years, the Jewish chaplains and staff of the Hinda Institute have dedicated themselves to helping individuals and their families navigate the criminal justice system and re-entry to society with faith, community, and dignity.

Our holistic approach includes support, counseling and rehabilitation services, visitation, advocacy, holiday services, educational programs, financial assistance, employment and housing services.







The Hinda Institute has a miraculous recidivism rate. Help us make society safer for everyone by helping others turn their lives around and become the kind of ethical, productive human beings they were meant to be.   



Families are deeply affected by an incarceration. Besides the immediate effects, children who do not receive helpful intervention are statistically more likely to get into trouble with law. Our clients know that the Hinda Institute is a place where people care and where they can get support, no matter what the situation. Help us break this cycle for children and families with counseling, sincere, personal interaction, and scholarships.