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Gifts for Amazing Kids 

Through the generosity of Decalogue Society and an anonymous donor, children of families at the Hinda institute received beautiful personalized gifts for Chanukah. 

Many of our children through no fault of their own have a parent that is incarcerated and are dealing with the subsequent psychological and financial impact. These gifts have brought them a lot of joy! 

Thank you for your kindness and compassion Some of our children also were subsidized by the Hinda institute to join our shul bowling party. 


Delivery of Chanukah Packages - Remembered as part of our Community

Our Chanukah packages bring a reminder of the holiday to those isolated or alone in our communities - our numbers of deliveries have been increasing. Thank you to our dedicated delivery team for driving every year often to far out suburbs!

This year Maot Chitim helped us to make deliveries and added invaluable gift cards for our families and clients who are challenged financially. 

Over half of our clients have an annual salary of less than 20k. These gift cards make a difference in their lives. Being remembered reminds them that they are part of our community.  




Hanukah in Prison - Bringing light 

To those isolated and alone in correctional institutions, Hinda chaplains bring light, joy and the hope for redemption. 


Here is a letter we received from an inmate about our visit.

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A Warm Place In Time For Chanukah

Housing is very difficult to find on reentry, often leaving our clients homeless. We help directing our clients to agencies that find for them temporary housing.

Here, one of our clients was able to light Chanukah candles every day in their new temporary place.



Hinda Chanukah Party @ The Scheiman's - Building Bridges

The Hinda Chanukah party this year was really amazing - great food, great company,  interesting conversations and homemade latkes. Over 40 people from all walks of life joined us for  the most inclusive and stimulating party in town.