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Course Facilitators
Leadership and Survival - 2024

May 29 June 5, 19, 26

  • Maintaining confidence and self-esteem under prejudice and ostracism. 

  • Anger Management - Assertive vs. Aggressive vs. Passive

  • Becoming a leader and advocating in your community

  • Relationships; reconnecting and belonging.

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Professor Paul Cantz 


Paul  Rothschild
Jumpstart Your Career - 2024

April 9, 16 May 7, 14 (4 sessions)
  • This course is for people who are looking at finding employment.
  • Enrollment is limited.

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Karlene Coleman
Mental Health & Families - 2024

March  6, 13, 20, 27 & April 3 (5 sessions)
  • Are you struggling with a loved ones mental health challenges?
  • This course will give you coping strategies.
  • Why, how, and when to tell others about your loved one’s incarceration.

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Bonnie Lane


Liz Margolies



Legal Panel - 2024

January 31 & February 7, 14, 21 (4 sessions)

  • Know your rights responsibilities and new and upcoming  laws
  • A practical guide to navigating the law
  • Discuss with expert lawyers in the field.

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David Grosky


Alan Mills, Esq.


Mark Weinberg, Esq.


Elizabeth Kelley, Esq.

Problem Solving: Strategies to Thrive

Dec. 2023 20, 27 - January 2024 3, 10, 17  (5 sessions)

  • Have you struggled to overcome mental challenges and addictions?

  • This course gives you a new perspective and a way forward.

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Dr. Kutzen 


Beth Palzet

Restore Justice

November: 29 & December: 6, 2023

  • Legislative Advocacy 101
  • Building Relationships with Legislators

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Restore Justice,


Lindsey Hammond

Victim - Survivor - Offender

October: 11, 18, 25 November: 1, 8, 15, 2023

  • Many offenders were once victims. 
  • Victim experiences often  lead to negative physical, mental, and behavioral outcomes
  • Explore the victim-to-survivor-to-offender cycle and learn how to break it

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Prof. Edna Erez,

Dr. Lara Segalite,



Teshuva: Forgiveness from Society, G‑d, and Myself?

September 21 & 28, 2023

  • Can G‑d forgive me? Can I forgive myself? A way forward!
  • Re-finding our purpose and mission in ourselves and in our world.

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Rabbi Manis Friedman



Advanced Peer Support

August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 September 7, 2023

(6 sessions)

This six-session course is designed for peer support workers who want to deepen their knowledge and skills to better support individuals affected by the criminal justice system.

This is the final course in Hinda's reentry peer support program.

This course is limited to participants of Hinda's reentry peer support program who have paid the accompanying course enrollment fee. 

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Dr. Stephanie Kutzen,



and special guest speakers 

Crime & Consequence: The Jewish Perspective on Social Justice

June  28 July 5, 12, 19, August 2, 2023

  • Lock and Key: What's the Point of Prison?
  • Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue: Standards of Evidence in the Talmud
  • Clean Slate: How Do Criminals Make Amends?
  • Moving Forward: Reacceptance and the Criminal Background Check
  • An Ounce of Prevention: Addressing Crime Before It Happens

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 Rahmiel Drizin, Esq.


A JLI Course

Train The Trainer - Facilitation Secrets

Dates: July 6, 13, 20 2023

  • Learn how to make learning more effective and relevant
  • How to make learning more interactive? 
  • How to create a more effective PPT presentation? 

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Mrs. Abigail Rabinowitz

Learn How to Resolve Conflict - Mediation in the Family

Dates: May 10 - June 7, 2023

(5 Sessions)


  • Learn how to mediate conflict with family, spouses, children, employers
  • Deal with social prejudice
  • Know yourself (bias, countertransference) 

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Dr. Kutzen

Jumpstart My Career

Session 6 of 6: “Overcoming Challenges Post-Incarceration”

Date: Wednesday - May 3, 2023

Note: Participation to this course is limited and customized to participants actively looking for jobs. 


  • Improving your marketability
  • Skill Development
  • How to overcome challenges

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Jumpstart My Career

Session 5 of 6: “Applying Online”

Date: Wednesday - April 26, 2023

Note: Participation to this course is limited and customized to participants actively looking for jobs. 


  • Maximizing your use of the internet

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Jumpstart My Career

Session 4 of 6: “Developing Networks”

Date: Wednesday - April 19, 2023

Note: Participation to this course is limited and customized to participants actively looking for jobs. 


  • Targeting Strategy
  • Resources /Networking

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Jumpstart My Career

Session 3 of 6: “Successful Interviewing When You Have A History”

Date: Wednesday - March 29, 2023

Note: Participation to this course is limited and customized to participants actively looking for jobs. 


  • Interviewing Strategies
  • Common Interview Questions

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Legal Issues: Breaking Barriers for The Newly Released 

Date: Wednesdays - March 8, 15, & 22nd, 2023

(3 sessions)


  • Parole and Probation 
  • Mental Health and the Law
  • Civil Rights Litigation Issues

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David Grosky, Esq.

&  Michael


Guest Speakers:

Alan Mills, Esq.,  

Elizabeth Kelley, Esq.

Mark Weinberg, Esq.

What Happened To Me? PICS & PTSD

Date: Wednesdays - December 7 - 28 '22, January 4 - 18, '23

(7 sessions)


  • Are you still impacted by your incarceration experience?
  • Are you affected by traumas in your past?
  • Examine trauma impacted behavior within  yourself (bias, transference) 

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Will need to pass test to get certificate 

Dr. Kutzen



Upgrade Your Life

Date: Wednesdays -  November 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2022

(5 sessions)


  • Anger Management & Feeling in Control
  • Find Confidence to Succeed
  • Learning How to Fail
  • Making Connections
  • Strategic Problem Solving & De-Catastrophizing

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Ms. Elena Gormley

Tell Your Story

Dates:  Sep. 14,  Sep. 21, & September 28, 2022

How to explain your conviction to a –

  • Potential employer
  • Landlord
  • Family member
  • Community member

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Chris Miner

Training for Facilitators

Date: Wednesdays - August 24 until September 7, 2022

(3 sessions)

Mandatory for Facilitators. Free Manual.


  • How do you ensure that learners have integrated and can use the content?

  • How to make learning more interactive? 

  • Methods of evaluation

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Abigail Rabinowitz

Mental Health - First Aid Training

Date: Sunday  August 14, 2022 
From: 9:00am -3:30pm CT

Must sign up by July 31!

Topics :  

  • How to recognize signs of mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, psychosis
  • How to approach and support someone in a mental health crisis until appropriate professional help arrives
  • How to be supportive, diffuse the situation, and encourage professional help
  • Understand what to do if someone is suicidal, harming themselves, or refusing help
  • Learn to assess risk, listening respectfully to support an individual in crisis, and identify appropriate professional help and other supports.

Certification upon completion, valid for 3 years!

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Aleph Institute


MHFA Certified National Instructors

"Can I right the wrongs that I have caused?"

Date: July 6 until July 27, 2022

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Reb Rachmiel Chaim Drizin

&  David Kramer

Legal Issues: Breaking Barriers for the Newly Released

Date: Feb. 23 until March 23, 2022

Topic :  This interactive course deals with Family Law Issues, including Divorce, Custody and Child Support, Reentry Challenges, Housing, Bank accounts, Employment Barrier Issues,  Sealing and Expungement and Post-Conviction Relief.

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David Grosky, Esq, 

Darryl Apperton, Esq

Alan Mills, Esq,

Charles Isaacs, Esq,

Conflict Resolution: Rebuilding your Life for Good 

Date: March 30 until May 11, 2022,

Topic: Learn how to deal better with family, spouses, children, employers and social prejudice, anger and trauma.


Tips for Success from our Caseworkers in the Field

May 25, 2022 to Jun 15, 2022

May 25 -  Jay – Surviving Reentry and Parole Exercise: What should you do?  Specific Situations. 

 June 1 -  Kyle and Nick – Dealing with Post Incarceration Syndrome (PICS),    Trauma and PTSD Exercise: Role Play 

June 8-   Beth - Practical Tips when you are over 55 - Challenges during and post-incarceration Myths - True or False:  Refer to resource pages on our website 

June 15 -   Nick and Kyle – Educational Opportunities:  Propelling yourself to Success


These courses enable better support while you are integrating. We may also recommend other addiction or other counseling programs. 


1. The Leadership and Survival Guide - Post Incarceration

This course will help you to develop the social skills to succeed at work, in relationships, and gain respect. You may be asked to do role plays and a presentation. 

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2. Joy in the Depths 

This course will help you to find spiritual joy and acceptance in your life and deal with life’s challenges from a Jewish and human perspective. 

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3. From Victim to Survivor to Offender: Where is Justice?  

This course explores the cycle from survivor to offender and how to break the cycle. It will help you to dissect academic essays. 

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1.   Securing Gainful Employment

Securing gainful employment is one of the single most important aspects of successful reentry, and it can also be one of the most difficult.  In this course, we will be identifying obstacles to employment as well as strategies and best practices for overcoming those barriers.  

As part of this class you will be asked to think about your career trajectory.  If you had to write out the arc of your work life, what would this moment be and where will you go over time?

This course teaches you how to write a resume and complete job searches. You will be assigned a caseworker who will help you find a job. You have the benefit of signing up for tutoring sessions. 

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2. Starting your own Business 

This course will cover registering a business, insuring a business, tax compliance, asset protection, business plans, lines of credit, and more. At the end of the course, we will try to pair each student with a mentor within their intended industry to help coach them and help them through challenges. 

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 Navigating the Legal System

This course describes navigating the legal system including getting Sealings and Expungements, and how to avoid recidivism.

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