Preparation starts days in advance! 
Thank you to all the volunteers that came to bake & prepare the Purim gift baskets!

Organizing Making Purim Packages
Sandy, Jen, Albert, Barb and Barb senior

Delivery Purim Packages
Beth, Ilya, Howard, Jacob, Phyllis, Harry, Albert, Alex, Susan, Marty, Janet, Avery, Rafi

Preparing and Cooking for Purim Party

Purim in Prisons
Megillah Readings and Parties at MCC Chicago, Cook County Jail, Stateville and Sheridan Correctional Centers, Marion Federal Prison
Our Volunteers:
Yacov Weingrow, Pesach Perelman, Schneur Ehven, Rabbi Sholom Raices, Rabbi Binyomin, Rabbi Chaim, and Rabbi Mendel




The end product - Purim Gift Packages!

On Purim Both Spiritual & Physical Are Celebrated!




And of course plenty of food and great company!