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  Pictures of the event taken by:
Shaina Benhiyoun  [email protected]






Saluting: Mrs. Marna Goldwin - CEO of The Ark. 
Together with a team of professionals, who are in the forefront assisting those in our community dealing with mental health challenges. 



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  • David Grosky with our Hinda Hero of the Year Award, given to a client who embodies successful second chances and a spirit of giving, despite facing insurmountable challenges.

  • Mary Zukowski with our Evan Maling Mother of the Year Award given to a mother who displays unconditional love, devotion and tenacity in the face of great adversity.

  • Dr. Stephanie Kutzen with our Volunteer of the Year Award given to a volunteer who makes a difference through her deep passion and sincere commitment.



  • Vickie Block 
  • Baila Grinker
  • Susan Schwartz