Hinda Hero of the Year Award -
Nick Seidel

Given to a client who embodies successful second chances and a spirit of giving despite facing insurmountable challenges. 


Currently, Nick is a paralegal contractor for the Enforcement Division of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Chicago Regional Office. At the SEC, Nick assists the trial unit in investigating and civilly prosecuting securities fraud. He works to recover stolen investor funds and return them to the fraud victims.

Nick has a bachelor's degree in political science from Roosevelt University as well as an associate degree in Liberal Arts from the City Colleges of Chicago. In addition, he has earned five certificates for paralegal studies and advanced field-related studies from Blackstone Career Institute and a certificate in cannabis dispensary operations from the City Colleges of Chicago.  Currently Nick is enrolled in DePaul University's Master of Legal Studies Program, with a graduation date of 2025 and plans to earn his JD at Loyola to become a practicing attorney.

Rabbi Scheiman met Nick as a young man while he was serving a sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections.  They have remained in close contact for more than ten years.  Nick has turned over his life and ambitiously went from achievement to accomplishment. Most importantly, Nick always remains a hero for the underdog and has compassionately volunteered for the Hinda Institute for many years. Nick knows who to contact in the world of legal aid, where to go for help and where to find almost anything!!

Nick writes, “The Hinda Institute is absolutely dear to me. Life is unpredictable. On those days when I get blindsided by something serious that is difficult to process and challenging to navigate, I know that Rabbi Scheiman and Rebbetzin Abby will always be there to call and talk about what is going on.  Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a tough decision about a career change, or an educational move, or just when I really need someone to talk to, the Hinda Institute is always there. They are a light in this world - a true beacon and place of refuge when circumstances seem overwhelming.  I am humbled and encouraged that my services can be of some small use to such a noble and compassionate organization. They bring hope to those of us who would have otherwise given up a long time ago.  It is an absolute honor to work alongside such amazing people.”

In an effort to give back to others in need, Nick now assists with legal assistance to help clients restore their rights and achieve their legal goals. Nick has not only rebuilt his life for good, but serves as a true support to others who also need to rebuild their lives.