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Rabbi Scheiman is the lead Jewish prison chaplain and the director of the HINDA Institute. Rabbi Scheiman has been working with correctional institutions and clients since 1981 (40+ years).





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► Rabbi Scheiman was the 2013 recipient of the Hon. Gerald C. Bender Humanitarian Award of the Chicago Decalogue Society of Lawyers, and continues to be involved in larger conversations to improve the criminal justice system and enhance chances for successful re-entry – speaking up at the Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentencing Reform Hearing in July 2016. 

► He received Senate Recognition in 2013 recognizing his important work in correctional institutions.



 Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman in his own words:

 Work in Correctional Institutions

I began working in prisons almost immediately during my first month as a new rabbi in Chicago. My first call was from a businessman in Brooklyn to help a Jew sitting in prison in Joliet for Passover. Over the following year, I was increasingly contacted by a number of families that called me for assistance for their loved ones in prison.

It became clear to me that this was my calling. I decided then and there that I would see it to it that any Jew in any correctional facility in the state of Illinois would be visited at least once a month no matter how many miles I needed to drive or how dark, oppressive or intimidating the environment might be. I realized that these people were in fact the forgotten souls of society. They were termed useless, relegated by their communities to the dumping grounds of humanity and were entirely alone. I learned through my continual associations with them that it was never too late and that there were no lost causes. I discovered that I have a special ability to relate to and reach otherwise unreachable people."

Subsequently, an organization called Jewish Prisoners’ Assistance Foundation (JPAF) contacted me and began to lobby for Jewish services inside the prisons. I increased his reach to all prisons and began to work to incorporate Jewish services within the prison bureaucracy.

Seven years ago, my sons joined me in servicing the correctional institutions of Illinois. Since that first visit, the Hinda Institute has expanded its support programs to help Jews with re-entry and to support their families. Many of our clients have not only successfully reintegrated into society but are now some of our main supporters. 


Biography of Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman

Rabbi Scheiman moved to Chicago under the direction of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz OBM on Shvat 30, 5740 (1980) in the role of Activity Director of Chabad of Illinois. For 40 years, he has serviced Illinois as a chaplain in correctional institutes, retirement and senior living centers, the Illinois state police (ISP) and within his own community. Rabbi Scheiman is also on call as a chaplain for the ISP Illinois State Police where he responds to emergency requests when required.

As a community rabbi, Rabbi Scheiman worked as the director of Gan Israel camps since 1980 in the Chicago area and currently participates as the executive director of the camps in the summer. He is the Director of Lubavitch Chabad of Niles and has functioned as the Spiritual leader of the synagogue and community since 1987 leading services and offering rabbinic services within the community. He is a member of the Chicago Rabbinical Council and the Associated Chabad Rabbis of Illinois.