Hinda Hero of the Year Award - David Grosky

Given to a client who embodies successful second chances and a spirit of giving despite facing insurmountable challenges 


David Grosky Esq, is a 1983 graduate of the Indiana University Kelley School of Business and a 1986 graduate of the Chicago-Kent College of law. Mr. Grosky was a member of the Federal Trial Bar for the Northern District of Illinois from 1987-2007. During these years in private practice, Mr. Grosky specialized in complex business bankruptcy and commercial litigation matters. 

Unfortunately, David was charged and detained for 11 years in Federal Correctional Institutions.  While detained, Mr. Grosky was a model detainee and devoted his time and energy to assisting other prison inmates with their legal and administrative research, writing and filing needs. 

Once released, David continued to give back to others. David always experienced great joy in compassionately assisting those in need including those impacted by the criminal justice system and their families. He is now part of the Hinda legal advisory committee and facilitates courses on legal panels of experts to help our clients and families deal with legal issues related to reentry. 

David is currently employed as Sales Development Manager at Visiplex Inc. in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Visiplex is a global leader and provider of Wireless Emergency Notification systems to schools, nursing homes, places of worship and manufacturing and other industry companies. He has reestablished connections with his family and found new friends.  

David says:’  I cannot change the past only regret the situation. I regret the poor decision-making that led me to where I was. I have had to forgive myself in order to continue my life and recognize that I was in a compromised situation. I know I am a different person now; more grounded, more responsible, more cautious, 

prudent, and wiser. I will always have regrets. The rabbis taught me that “tchuvah” (repentance) means not repeating your actions given the same situation.  I want to rebuild my life with peace and harmony, love and properly guide my children, and be able to support myself and find a life like everyone else.  The Hinda Institute is helping me spiritually and allowing me to do good deeds and not feel judged. I was close to the Chabad rabbis in prison and I want to give back to families and be helpful through providing experience and expertise.  


David has not only rebuilt his life for good but continues to help others rebuild their lives.