Our chaplains often with dedicated volunteers visit for all the Jewish Holidays. In essence, we provide Jews with the Holiday needs and community in a place where often antisemitism is rampart. We bring the light and joy of celebration into a place of tremendous darkness. 

We deliver food and holiday items:

  • For Rosh Hashana, we teach Jews how to blow the shofar and provide prayer books. 
  • For Sukkos, we provide Lulavim and Etrogim.
  • On Chanukah, we provide menorahs so that our clients can celebrate all 8 days of Chanukah. (In certain instances, we need to send someone to light once for the entire holiday.) 
  • On Purim, our chaplains and volunteers read the Megillah and organize Purim parties. 
  • For Pesach, we deliver Pesach meals and the items for the Seder.

Help us by sponsoring items for the holidays.