One of the most critical and difficult challenges for a person re-entering society is finding employment. Paradoxically, employment and housing may be simultaneously a requirement for probation and parole.



Many employers and even employment agencies will not hire or even help the formerly incarcerated. We work very hard to match our clients with employers who support our cause and try to find employment for our clients on a case-by-case basis.

83% of our clients find jobs, and most are employed in one year with a job retention rate of 91%.  Where necessary, we help our clients write resumes and letters of reference.

In addition, the Hinda Institute further supports our clients by writing letters to expunge or seal records. This continues to be an area of challenge for the Hinda Institute, and we need to do more.  If you are an employer,  help the Hinda Institute by providing employment or training opportunities. 



Taken from  "Out of Prison & Out of Work: Unemployment Among Formerly Incarcerated People,” Prison Policy Initiative (July 2018);