Objectives for Peer Support Specialist 

You will be able to: 

  • Identify trauma and counsel from a trauma-informed perspective 
  • Examine trauma-impacted behavior within yourself (bias, transference) 
  • Identify when to refer clients 


Counseling Tasks 

  1. Engagement with clients
  2. Assess for symptoms and other psychosocial factors
  3. Develop a treatment plan with the client 



  • You will be required to counsel a client 'one-on-one' for 5 to 7 hours 
  • You will need to present the  resulting treatment plan and goals


Personal Counseling and Mentorship 

You will be required to meet with your personal mentor for 6 to 7 hours:

  • Describe your counseling methodologies
  • Examine trauma Impacted behavior within yourself
  • Assess the treatment plan 



Pass a test on PTSD and PICS

Assessment of the treatment plan