Hinda CARES ( Counseling, Advocacy, Restorative Justice, Education, and Support), a Hinda Institute program, is a support group for families impacted by the criminal justice system.

The group provides encouragement for each other as well as providing information and education for those new to the system and our community. The issues around incarceration are difficult for families to discuss openly in groups and there is little customized support.

We provide a non-judgmental forum to dialogue and share openly.  Additionally, a large percentage of our families have adult children either with addiction or mental health issues or both.

These families have to also deal with the stresses of the perpetrator’s mental health issues, financial support and housing. 


For more information, please contact our coordinators:

Vickie Block:
847.571.5563, [email protected]

Abby Rabinowitz: 
708.990.7849, [email protected]

Beth Pelzat: 
847.909.3639, [email protected]


Community Liaisons: 

  • Esther Rochel Moscowitz
  • Susan Schwartz 



Click on the PDF to see a summary of our survey on:
"Impacts of Incarceration On Families"