The Hinda Institute provides a home away from home for our families who need a warm and accepting place for the holidays or services.  

  • We also deliver packages and food to our families on the holidays. Some of our families need food more frequently due to poverty issues and can’t afford to celebrate the holidays.

  • Many of our families feel isolated on the holidays either because they live in far suburbs or because they feel self-conscious attending Jewish places of worship in their communities. 

  • All of our families, no matter the circumstance, appreciate being remembered on the holidays.

Please help us by volunteering to deliver packages or by sponsoring packages (Only 25$ sponsors a package for a family).

We want to thank our many volunteers who help deliver or make packages, and also Maot Chittim.  You have made a difference in people’s lives.



The Hinda Institute provides regular classes in spirituality from a Jewish perspective to help families cope with challenges. Contact Abigail Rabinowitz for more information. 




Following are the texts we received in response:

You have made an amazing difference in my life during a time of such uncertainty. Much appreciated.
Thanks for stopping by. It was nice to see you and your friend and receive Matzah and a Hagadah.
Feeling better today; I am on strong pain medicine and antibiotics.
Thank you for the nicest Passover meal. I have been looking for gefilteh fish!!!! The eggs symbolize the Life cycle. I used them in tuna salad. I even got toilet paper!!